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About Brew Happy

The Brew Happy Show is a podcast and online TV show hosted by Damian DeBuiser. He interviews brewers, beer fans, pub owners, and entertainers that all come together because their love of beer. The show is fun, educational, and above all pro-beer. Music, Cigar, and Food pairings to entice your palate. In the United States, you must be over 21 years old to fully enjoy the fruits of the beer lover's labor. Enjoy and Listen Responsibly.
This is a brief description of some of the characters that you listeners commonly encounter on The Brew Happy Show. All of these people are big fans of craft beer, and each have something different to contribute to the show. If you would like to help support the show to help keep it going, check out our Contact page.

Damian DeBuiser

Damian DeBuiser (Anchor-Host): As creator, Damian has been evolving the show since it's initial inception in 2010, and his personal journey in the craft beer industry has been documented throughout the series. The audience has followed him since his days as a wide-eyed novice, through the years, working beer bars, brewery tours, and even helping a start-up brewery as a handy-man, cellarman, and a few other postions. His every-man attitude and love of community are shown in each episode, and he's always ready for a good story over a beer, or two, or three.

John Paul

John Paul (Co-Host/Sponsor): Our longest running member of the show, John came on the show in Season 1 Episode 20, to talk about how well beer and cigars go together. As an huge fan of craft beer (especially IPAs), and the owner of a chain of cigar stores (Paul's Cigars), you can be shure he knows his stuff, as he brings us cigar pairing suggestions each week. John's enthusiasm for beer events also makes him our leading field researcher, reporting in on the most recent beer adventures.

Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald (Sound Producer/Co-Host): Joining us at the tail end of Season 3 Episode 138. Ryan has stepped up and added his own flavor using not only technical skill, but it's his music pairings you hear adding to the ambience of the show, as well as an avid interest in topic matters fitted with his own brand of humor.

Bronwyn Landis

Bronwyn Landis (Production & Media Manager): Our most recent member of The Brew Happy Show. Bronwyn has shown her prowess first as a production assistant, crackshot photographer, and then expanding her role by helping expand our social media presence and managing some other important aspects of our mission. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from her on the show.

Reoccurring Cast

Reoccurring cast: We have a few regular characters on the show. It's great to be popular with such great people with great taste in beer. These guys stop by the show often to share their wisdom and experience. Who knows, maybe you'll be raising a glass with us some day!

Mark Gillette

Mark Gillette: Our most reoccurring guest by far, he's a part of the show now. As head of the Portland Brewers Collective, Mark is our leading voice on the local home brewing community. We welcome any and all home brew club members to keep us informed, but Mark is our goto guy on the home brew scene. You can also catch him and us every year at the Annual Stout Bout.

Clay Staley

Clay Staley: We met Clay as a rep for General Distributors Inc.(since acquired by Columbia Distribution). The crew liked him so much, they gave him his own reoccurring segment, the "Staley Stance", where we get to hear what grinds his gears when it comes to beers. As a well read aficionado, Clay brings a lot of class to the table, glad to share the ins and outs of beer etiquette.

Warren Wills

Warren Wills: As a writer and editor Warren is easily our favorite Brew News reporter. We met Warren when he was editing for, he's now editor for Look forward to hearing more from him on the next "Warren Report".

Casey Workman

Casey Workman: Peruvian resident/Portland Native, and long-time fan of the show, Casey showed up to Portland one day and tracked us down while doing research for a business venture in craft beer in Peru. It's always great to hear what craft beer is like in other parts of the world. He's since opened his own taproom in Arequipa, called Chelawasi, with the best tap list in the whole country.

Former Crew

Former Crew: Throughout the series, you may hear us reference previous episodes featuring past people that worked on the show. Brew Happy is a labor of love, but also a collective effort. These are some of the people that have helped listeners get Brew Happy in the past. We couldn't have made it this far without them.

Amanda Martin-Tully

Amanda Martin-Tully (former Co-Host): Veteran radio personality, and comedian, Amanda has always been known for her love of alcoholic beverages, and the cut of her jib. Quirky and inquisitive, she quickly discovered a fondness for ciders and sour beers. She has since left the show to pursue a more active role in the comedy circuit.

Mikkel Nielsen

Mikkel Nielsen (former Sound Producer): Having helped relaunch The Brew Happy Show, Mikkel was an integral part of the show until his fond farewell in Season 3 Episode 112 upon a move to Seattle. He continues to run the Gnawledge Multimedia Podcast Network from his home base in the North. Check out his podcast "How You Livin'?" each week.

Matthew Harhai

Matt Harhai (former Co-Host): Matt started as a fan and quickly sunk his teeth into the role of Co-Host following Asha's departure from the show. With his enthusiasm for home brewing, and his experience working as a brewery tour guide, and Vinn Distillers made him a great personality on the show. Matt left the show when he moved to Beijing, China to teach English. However he still acts as an international corespondent and field reporter on behalf of Brew Happy.

Asha Sawyer

Asha Sawyer (former Co-Host): As the first Co-Host to join the relaunch, Asha was eager to know more about some of her favorite beverages. Smart as a whip and with great humor, she was always down for a Brew Happy adventure. Asha left the show to concentrate more on her acting career. You can catch her in commercials and television shows if you know where to look.

Susanna Parker

Susanna Parker (former Co-Host): Susanna answered a calling when she joined up with Damian on Young Winos back in the day. With a talent for wrangling guests and a knowledge of making beer as an apprentice brewer at Salmon Creek Brewery (now Old Ivy Brewery & Taproom), she brought a lot to the table as we experimented with different formats. As a devoted mother of 3, and a career mom, she now works for the Federal Government and no doubt still loves beer.

Josh Rominger

Josh Rominger (former Sound Producer): Armed with his trusty Korg D-1600, and college classes in sound media production, he got plenty of practice. Bringing his skill and equipment to the table, added mobility to the show, which quickly became a defining feature, still enjoyed to this day! Josh has been traveling slinging his skills ever since.

Emily Gibson

Emily Gibson (former Sound Producer): As the very first person to run sound on a Brew Happy podcast, as the resident Sound Producer for the PDX.FM (later CASCADIA.FM, and later disbanded) preferred to be non-vocal. She thoroughly enjoyed having beers with us in the studio as a perk to working with the show. Emily has since moved on to other projects, both in music and production.


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