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The Brew Happy Show
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Tune in with us each week as we speak with more friends in the craft beer industry.

Frequently Asked Questions for The Brew Happy Show

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The Brew Happy Show
Episode 314

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite often, we are asked about how we create The Brew Happy Show or how to be featured on one of our weekly episodes. Hopefully this can answer most of the common questions we get. But you can always reach out to us anytime.

(Q) - How did The Brew Happy Show start? (A) - As a pilot series in late 2009 into 2010. As the creator, Damian has been doing the show the longest. It began as a way for him to gain more experience with vocal work, broadcasting, and learning about the beer culture in Portland and share with others.

(Q) - How often can episodes be expected? (A) - Every Week! Though we do take the occasional week off depending on where a holiday falls, we normally make up for it with bonus episodes and other featured content.

(Q) - When are episodes recorded/released? (A) - The Brew Happy Show is recorded every Monday night after the crew gets off of work. They have each agreed to dedicate Monday nights to show production, a shceduled location, and usually coordinate a guest. The podcast is then uploaded within 24hrs (usually less), and is often made available first via direct link from the website, which is teased on our Twitter @BrewHappy first, then available on the Website and RSS (and podcasting app).

(Q) - If I work in the Craft Beer Industry, can I come on the show and discuss my work? How? (A) - Absolutely! Just reach out to The Brew Happy Show on Social Media or especially at our scheduling desk, to discuss which Monday night will work for you.

(Q) - I noticed The Brew Happy Show records from taprooms and brewpubs all around Portland and promote small business. Is there certain criteria to have the podcast at my bar? (A) - Yes! The Brew Happy Show loves promoting small emerging businesses. Host locations just need to be locally accessible, provide space near an outlet, and provide a round of beers for us to dicuss as we begin the show. This provides the crew an oppurtunity to talk about your menu and describe your space. Join the show and tell your story!

(Q) - Will The Brew Happy Show come outside of Portland to visit my town and/or business? (A) - We are certainly open to a road trip from time to time. It depends on our collective schedules and transportation. Reach out to to see what we can arrange.

(Q) - I've heard the fun commercials. I would like to advertise my business or event on The Brew Happy Show. How can I make this happen? (A) - We just need ad copy to read live or as a pre-recorded clip. The production cost for the time and effort is only $25 and comes with 2 airings on our weekly show. It is recommended that ads be aired between 2-3 weeks before a calendar event for relevance. Additional airings are just $10 each. We appreciate the support. For recorded ad space, reach out to us on or directly for more information.

(Q) - My business also loves sharing the love of craft beer and would like to sponsor The Brew Happy Show. How can we help? (A) - Sponsorship packages are available. Sponsorship helps to provide much needed monthly support, for transportation, equipment, time, hosting and other costs.

(Q) - I am a fan of the show and want to help keep more content coming. How can I help support The Brew Happy Show? (A) - Anyone can help support the show on our
Patreon page, for as little as $1/month. For $5/month or more there are rewards!

(Q) - The Brew Happy Show is far away from where I live. But I think this beer in my hand is worth talking about. How can I share this delicious discovery with the rest of the Brewniverse? (A) - Just reach our to us on Social Media (links above) and let us know where you are, what you are drinking, and what you love about it so much, and we'll give you a shout out to help you spread the word!

If there is an Answer to a Question that isn't covered here, feel free to reach out using our contact info at the top of the page. It is our mission to talk about as much of the amazing craft beer industry on each and every episode of The Brew Happy Show. Cheers!

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